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Did you that if you have a business registered in the Netherlands with 1- 250 employees, you can use multiple subsidies to help you with business growth and free consultancy? Our government wants you to success as a business owner or director. To help you grow within Holland or abroad and that your employees (if you have any) grow with you in terms of skills. This applies to both brand new as well as very established companies, whether you are ZZP (sole trader) or MKB (small to medium sized business). We have listed the possibilities for you. 


We help business owners, directors and managers both on a subsidised or unsubsidised basis. There are currently 14(!) different kinds applicable to our services, so ask us what you are eligible for. This depends for example on the age and location of your company and what you would like to work on. 

Developing your employees

1. 80% subsidy for smaller businesses and 60% for medium sized ones,  maximum of €25K subsidy. SME’s and in some cases also available to corporates. All of the Netherlands.

2. 50% subsidy for SME’s based in Friesland, maximum of €5K. All of the Netherlands.

Business coaching

3. Businesses registered in Gelderland or Overijssel €1000 subsidy on our coaching and consultancy plus a further €1000 for courses elsewhere. This subsidy covers 80% of the bill.

4. In Flevoland there is a €5K subsidy for coaching, this covers 50%.

5. Entrepreneurs in creative or cultural sectors can get 1/3 of the amount subsidised on a coaching engagement aimed at their professional development. All of the Netherlands.

Business growth

6. 50% subsidy for SME’s in Gelderland to stimulate business growth or innovation, up to 10K

7. 50% subsidy for Groningse based businesses looking for advies to contain or benefit from the results of the corona crisis. Up to 2.5K. 

8. Entrepreneurs Drenthe aiming for business growth, wanting to discover new markets or to innovate, can apply for up to 5000 Euros. Own contribution varies bijdrage.

9 and 10. Arnhem or Overbetuwe based businesses get 500 euros subsidies on a 550 euro coaching engagement. 


11. Do you wish to start exporting or would you like to increase your turnover from abroad? Then you can apply for a 1000 euro subsidy. 50% own contribution own top. All of the Netherlands.

12. Are you looking for replacement markets instead of  Russia or Ukraine? 2500 euro subsidie, 80% van de rekening. Heel NL. 

13. In Drenthe there is a max. €5K exportcoaching subsidy (50%).

Family businesses

14. If you own a family business in Overijssel or are planning to take one on, you can get €2K (100%) for us to help you future proof or professionalise it.

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Brilliant Work has been named best coaching- and consultancy company for SME’s in the Netherlands by Corporate Vision Magazine.
We help business owners and managers to increase their turnover domestically or abroad, to develop yourself or your staff and/or to scale up your internal organisation. We are a sounding board, sparring partner, adviser, coach and trainer to our clients.

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