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I wasn’t alone,” says Berrique Willmott of Marber Products when asked about her experiences with Brilliant Work.

“Brilliant Work helped me by drawing my attention to a grant, which allowed me to embark on this wonderful journey as a startup with a small budget. So I wasn’t alone!” Berrique is very satisfied with the coaching she received through Brilliant Work. Export coach Willem van Putten was the one who guided her in the sales and export strategy.

The easiest solution for an annoying task

You know how it is: having a BBQ, but cleaning the grill is such a hassle that no one does it, and when you take the BBQ out of the shed again, the grill is still full of grease and meat residue from the previous time. And why isn’t it cleaned? Because the grill usually doesn’t fit in the sink, often can’t go in the dishwasher, and putting it in the bath is not really the most hygienic solution. “That can be done differently,” thought entrepreneur and BBQ fan Berrique Willmott. She developed the GRILL WASH, a round tray in which you can quickly and easily clean the barbecue grill.

A perfect invention for an annoying problem, but then comes the sales and export aspect. Because where do you start and how do you proceed? To find answers to these questions, Berrique enlisted the help of Brilliant Work. “With Willem’s help, I was able to further develop our sales and export strategy,” she says.

Help with setting priorities

“Willem is a driven coach who was also very enthusiastic about the product and made great connections with other companies,” says Berrique. “In addition, Willem helped me with setting certain priorities, making the plans more manageable and easier to tackle. This allowed me to grow more effectively and quickly.”

Willem is also enthusiastic about this project. “There’s nothing more enjoyable than making companies successful, and the energy you get from that is immense,” he says. “In many cases, entrepreneurs focus too much on the product or service they want to offer and often pay (too) little attention to regulations, permits, certifications and marketing.”

Need help too?

Do you also have a good idea and could you use some help to market it effectively? Or do you want to bring your product or idea to the foreign market? Then contact us and check out our business coaching for more information on our business growth opportunities.

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