Subsidies for entrepreneurs

Coaching and advice on a subsidized basis!

Did you know that if your company has 1- 250 employees (including yourself), you can take advantage of several growth subsidies? The government wants you to succeed as an entrepreneur, to grow your company nationally or internationally and to develop your employees (if you have any). This applies to both start-ups and mature companies, self-employed and SME’s. We have listed the options for you.

14 types of subsidies

We currently help entrepreneurs supported by 14 (!) types of subsidies as well as unsubsidized, so ask about options that fit your business and what you want to work on. So a coaching or consulting program at Brilliant Work is often 33-100% subsidized. It is possible to apply for multiple subsidies with us.

Staff development

1. 92% subsidy for smaller companies and 69% for medium-sized, maximum €25K subsidy. SMEs and also certain sectors for corporates. This applies throughout the entire country.

2. 50% subsidy for SME’s with a maximum of €5K in Friesland.

Entrepreneurial Coaching

3. For companies younger than 5 years in Gelderland and Overijssel €1000 subsidy on our coaching and consulting plus optional €1000 for professional skills training. This subsidy covers 80% of the bill.

4. In Flevoland there is a €5K subsidy on coaching services only, with 50% own contribution.

5. Entrepreneurs in the creative or cultural sector can get 1/3 contribution for coaching on their professional development. Maximum of 2K for the Netherlands. This applies throughout the entire country.

Business growth or innovation

6. 50% subsidy for companies in Gelderland with a maximum of €10K to stimulate your business growth.

7. 50% subsidy for companies in Groningen with advice to use it to limit the effects of the corona crisis, up to 2,5K.

8. For entrepreneurs in Drenthe who want to grow their business, seek new markets or innovate there is a maximum of €5K. Variable own contribution.

9 and 10. Companies in Arnhem and Overbetuwe that have been hindered by the corona measures can get €500 (90%).


11. Want to start exporting or increase your international sales? €1K grant per country with 50% own contribution. Throughout the Netherlands.

12. Want is to help you find replacement markets for Russia or Ukraine? €2500 subsidy, 80% of the bill. Throughout the Netherlands.

13. In Drenthe there is also max of €5K export coaching subsidy (50%).

Family companies

14. If you have a family business in Overijssel or are going to acquire one, you can get €2K (100%) for us to help you make your business more future-proof or professional.

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