Launch of company values Koenders Totaalbouw and Brilliant Work

2 December 2020

In this video our client, Koenders Totaalbouw, a Dutch building company, shows how they launched their company values together with their employees in an original and festive manner. They chose a light-hearted way to introduce a serious matter within the company.

What do we expect from each another?

How do we treat each other?

How do we treat other parties like clients or suppliers?

Brilliant Work facilitated this process, coaching employees from various departments and management levels to create this valuable document. Having such core values is key for attracting talented and motivated staff, to keep customer satisfaction high and to set the right expectations within the company. For clarifying what good or great behaviour means, what our DNA is? It is crucial that these core values aren’t just a marketing slogan but something that rings true with everyone within the company and is achievable.

Does your company not have such core values yet? Contact us to discuss what it would mean for your organisation and how this would be achieved.

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