Our approach

1. Clear goals

First off we look at your department or company goals. Where would you like your organisation to be in 3 year’s time? We draw up a very clear and inspiring poster that you can share with your employees, suppliers or customers if you like. If you are don’t have any staff, it will give you focus on your own actions too. You can hang it on the wall, or have it in a digital format if you have a paperless office. If your business already has clear goals then we will use those as a starting point.

2. Action plan

Once you have established your goals, it is time to see what needs to happen in the coming year to achieve them. What is already working well in your company and what new initiatives are we going to start? Together we draw up a concrete plan that details what the steps are, who is in charge of each of them, when and how they will be done. This is crucial, so that you and/or your team can see exactly what needs to happen and you can maintain a good overview of progress during the year. We have various formats for this plan, these are also available in A2 format posters.


3. Implementation

The most important part of making plans is the execution. That is why we support our clients in the implementation of their plans, so their goals are actually achieved! How we do this depends on the client and the area they want to work on. It can be 1 to 1 coaching, workshops, consultancy or a mix of all of the above. We have a very large network of businesses, governmental bodies and other contacts that we connect you with as and when it is helpful to you. This includes free services from the central government or local Dutch provinces as well as a whole host of subsidies that most entrepreneurs and managers are unaware of.


If your business has 1-250 employees (including the owner), we can usually help you on a subsidized basis. We draw upon multiple sources for these subsidies. Depending on the age and location of your company and the areas you would like to improve upon, we can tell you which one(s) you are eligible for and how to apply for them. If your company has more than 250 employees or you do not wish to use subsidies, then of course we can work with you on an unsubsidized basis.

Also want to grow your business or improve how it runs? Contact us.

Our principles

Short term goals are pointless if you don’t know where you want to go with your department or organization in the long term. And long term goals cannot be achieved if you don’t have a very pragmatic plan for the present. We ensure a good balance between the “doers”, “dreamers” and “thinkers”.

Our view is very broad, as everything is related. Call it holistic or common sense, but whatever change you make in your business has an impact on your colleagues, customers or suppliers. It is the total sum of actions and their effects that must add up.

We combine our client’s  own industry knowledge with our own best practice for the best way forward. Our solutions are pragmatic and positive!

The only way to get to solid results is to be open and honest with each other. Our clients get the most out of our cooperation by being frank with us. And so are we with them.

The tangible and intangible, hard and soft sides of business have to balance out. A business or organisation without goals, action plans, budgets and other tangibles has no focus or structure. But in order to function well, there equally has to be a good atmosphere, people must have the right skills, knowledge and attitude. The so called soft side. Brilliant Work coaches are experts in both sides of this coin and can ensure they get to the same level in your organisation.

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