Our approach


First we look at your company or departmental goals. Where do you want to be in for example 3 years? We turn this into a nice poster for you to share with your employees, suppliers or customers. You can hang this on the wall, or for paperless offices, get them in a digital format of course. If you already have something similar, we’ll use that as a starting point.

Action Plan

Once you’ve established your goals, it’s time to look at what has to happen to achieve those goals in the coming year. What is already going well and what new initiatives will we start to hit the mark. Together we make a tangible plan that outlines what the steps are, who is going to do it, when and how. This is very important so that you and/or your team can see exactly what needs to be done and keep an overview. We have several versions for this, including as an A2 size poster to hang up on the wall.


The most important part of planning is in the implementation. That is why we support our clients in this phase so that their goals are actually achieved. How we do that depends on the client and the issue. For example 1 on 1 coaching, workshops and/or consultancy. We have a very large network of companies, government agencies and other contacts that we can help you with. This includes many free services from the government or province and the array of subsidies that very few entrepreneurs or managers are familiar with.


If your company has 1-250 employees we can usually help you on a subsidised basis. We use several options for this, we can see which one your company qualifies for. This depends on the age and location of your company and the themes you want to work on. If you have more than 250 employees or do not want to use subsidies, we can also charge our regular rates.

Our values


For results in both the short and long term. Short-term goals are pointless if you don’t know where you want to go with your company or department. Nor will you achieve long-term goals if you don’t have a very practical action plan for the present. We ensure a good balance between “doing” and “thinking”.

Everything is connected

We tackle issues from a broad perspective because nothing stands on its own. Call it holistic or common sense, but all the changes you make in your company affect colleagues, customers and suppliers, for example. It all has to slot together nicely.

Pragmatic and positive

We use the knowledge your, our client, has of their own sector and to this we add our knowledge of best practice. Our solutions are pragmatic and positive!

Open and honest

Being open and honest with each other. That’s the only way for us to effectively achieve results. Our clients get the most out of working together with us by being open and getting to the heart of the matter. And we are equally open towards the same to the client.

Soft and hard aspects

A business or organization without goals, action plans, budgets and other tangible things has no focus or structure. But to be successful, it also needs a good atmosphere, people with the right skills and knowledge, and behaviors. The so-called soft side. The balance between the two must be right. Brilliant Work coaches understand both sides and can make sure they are at an equally high level in your company.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

As long as you would like, the shortest engagements are usually about three months, the longest for years. We do not make you stick to a certain time path. The exception being that if we use a subsidy to help pay for the coaching, we have to stick to their demands. At the end of the meeting we schedule in the next one. For many clients that is once a months, but more or less often is also possible.

They usually last about two hours, but that really depends on what you and your coach would like to do. Shorter or longer is possible, Two hours is a good amount of time to get to the bottom of things, make plans and discuss the follow through. Our meetings are a mix of coaching, where we ask you questions and you come to your own insights, but also advice, where you get to your goals quicker and easier.

Yes, of course. You can call, e-mail or Whatsapp your coach in between sessions with any questions you may have.

It depends on which subsidy you apply for, but usually it is you with a lot of help from our side.

That can be at your location, the coach’s, via Zoom/MS teams/Google meet etc, or anywhere you would like.

If the coaching is on a subsidised basis, then you will receive the invoice at the start of the coaching engagement. We will let you know which part is due when. If no subsidy applies, you will simply get a monthly invoice for the hours spent that month.

Coach is not a protected title, so the quality of coached really varies. Brilliant Work coaches have a wealth of experience in business, as an entrepreneur and as a coach/consultant.

We use the same handy tools and templates, are approachable and pragmatic. We have a range of different expertise’s within the team, so as a client you have the option to use multiple coaches withing one coaching engagement, all under the same invoice.

Sales, marketing, business development, leadership, HR, team building, burn out coaching, business strategy, entrepreneurship, export, and anything that falls under behaviour such as customer focus and communication.

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