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“Our company has been around for 85 years,” says Peter Koenders of Koenders Totaalbouw proudly. “Over the years, we have experienced many developments. Within the dynamics of construction, we are always looking for new innovations. This sometimes leads to new products, but it can also be innovations within our own company. That’s how we came across Brilliant Work. We wanted to know how to best serve our customers and how our customers could benefit the most from our product.

'You should involve your people in your plans'

“I initially sought support from Brilliant Work to better profile the marketing of our company. And I wanted to know how we could work more customer-focused,” explains Peter. “Together with Brilliant Work, I discovered that ownership by our staff is important. After all, they are closest to the customer. To achieve this, you should not say ‘do it this way or that way’, but you should involve your people in the plans and make them part of those plans.”

“In the end, several training sessions were given by Brilliant Work,” says Peter. “Not only to the managers, but also to all the staff. This has enabled us to get everyone on the same page and created a sense of togetherness within the company. Now we can work more in service of our customers.”

85 years old, but young

“Through the training, our company continues to develop in this dynamic world. This way, we maintain continuity for a company that is 85 years old, but actually rejuvenates every year.”

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