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Yvette Drenth – Fresh Finds

I started as an entrepreneur with my company Fresh Finds. Fresh Finds helps small to medium sized businesses with their on line marketing. Both as a consultant as well as taking it on for the client. Starting my first business was super fun but also a bit scary I had a pleasant chat at a network meeting with Lizanne from Brilliant Work. She was able to offer me the support I was looking for and helped me with the necessary subsidies to make this possible.

What is the client’s question/challenge?
Since I never started a company before, and didn’t have many other entrepreneurs in my environment, there was a lot coming my way. Therefore, I could use some support with questions such as: ‘What networks in my area are useful?’ and ‘Are other entrepreneurs really waiting for me?’
A big challenge for me was to grow in my own confidence as an entrepreneur and to take steps forward with a well-defined plan.

For what purpose did you want to use the coaching?
I mainly wanted to use the coaching as a little bit of support. When everything is new, it is extremely nice to spar with someone about this new journey. You can ask questions in terms of marketing, sales, expanding your network and getting feedback from an experienced entrepreneur that can steer you in the right direction.

What was the coach’s method, what was the “solution”?
A coaching program for start-ups was exactly the support I needed. We started with getting my unique selling point and business case clear and concrete and together we defined my short- and long-term goals.
Lizanne asks the right questions (and sometimes tough ones haha) to steer yourself and your business in the right direction. There was also a lot of time spent getting rid of my own doubts and growing my self-confidence as a newborn entrepreneur.
Through various tasks and assignments, both during the sessions and outside of them, I got to work on marketing, sales techniques, networking, and fine tuning my business and sales plans.

What is the result of the coaching?
The result of the coaching programme is that I have grown tremendously as a person and a new entrepreneur within a short period of time. I am a very different entrepreneur now than I was when I walked into Lizanne’s office for the first coaching session. I am more confident, work with more clarity of purpose and have seen my sales grow.

What is the client’s feedback?
I am so grateful to Lizanne for all her support and great coaching. Without this program, Fresh Finds would not be where it is today as a company. There is no doubt that this programme has saved me a lot of time in growing my business. She has the right knowledge to help you move forward, completely suited to your situation and business, but also as a person. By setting specific goals together and her ability to act as a ‘soft but strict’ driving force, we made huge steps forward. I would recommend this coaching engagement to every starter, regardless of the industry you work in.

Thanks Lizanne!

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