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“As a starting entrepreneur, there was so much coming at me,” explains Yvette Drenth when talking about the start of her business. “I had never started a company before and had few other entrepreneurs around me,” says Yvette Drenth of Fresh Finds. With her business, she helps freelancers and SMEs with online marketing. “I was full of questions like ‘which networks in my area are valuable?’ and ‘are other entrepreneurs waiting for me?’ Fortunately, I met Lizanne Jakobs of Brilliant Work and she was able to provide me with the necessary support I was looking for.”

Coaching as a “boost”

“It was a big challenge for me to grow in my own confidence as an entrepreneur,” says Yvette. “Also, to make clear steps forward with a solid plan. I wanted to use the coaching I could receive with a subsidy as a ‘boost’. When you are a starting entrepreneur, everything is new and it’s great to be able to bounce ideas off someone.”

Yvette could turn to Lizanne for all her questions about marketing, sales, and expanding her network. “Lizanne also asked the right questions – sometimes tough ones – to steer my business in the right direction. We started by making my offer clear and concrete. We also defined my goals for the short and long term together. We also spent a lot of time removing my own doubts and growing my confidence as a new entrepreneur.”

Tasks and homework assignments to work effectively

Business coach Lizanne didn’t just talk. She gave Yvette various tasks and homework assignments. This allowed Yvette to work effectively on marketing, sales techniques, networking events, and developing her plans.

The coaching by Lizanne had a big impact on Yvette. “I have grown enormously as a person and new entrepreneur, and that in a short time. I am now a very different entrepreneur than I was when I walked into Lizanne’s office for the first session. I am more confident, work more purposefully, and have seen my revenue grow.”

“Without coaching, my company wouldn’t be where it is now”

Yvette is extremely grateful to Lizanne for her support and good coaching. “Without this program, Fresh Finds would not be where it is today as a company,” says Yvette. “There is no doubt that this program saved me a lot of time in growing my business, in addition to the great support. Lizanne has the right expertise to help you move forward, tailored to your situation and business, but also as a person.”

“By setting goals together and her approach of also acting as a ‘gentle but strict’ motivator, significant progress has been made,” explains Yvette. “I would recommend this program to any starter, regardless of the industry you work in. Thank you, Lizanne!”

Are you also a starting entrepreneur and do you have 1001 questions? Or have you been in business for a while but are not able to grow? Then contact us for a non-binding consultation about coaching with or without subsidy support.

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