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I spent 15 years in the corporate rat race, and eventually ended up at home with a burnout and symptoms of depression,” says Cees Embrechts of Bestowill International BV.

“Gradually, I came up with the idea of starting my own business. I first followed a program to discover my passion. That may sound trendy, but it had a really big effect on me. Then I looked for a business coach, as I read that successful entrepreneurs use them a lot. I needed help to get some perseverance and the right mindset.”

'Ivar helped me get my thoughts in order'

Cees has had a bumpy road, but is now doing incredibly well with his e-commerce company. With the help of business coach Ivar van Asten from Brilliant Work, he got his thoughts in order. “Using good software, I searched for a niche in the American market on Amazon, where there was a lot of search volume, but few providers. I ended up with a baby basket, but it could just as well have been a watering can,” he says, laughing.

Of course, Cees has a feel for baby items as he has two children himself. “I work with my wife, who is a graphic designer and interior architect, and together we have an eye for beautiful aesthetic products. On Amazon in America, there are many Chinese products in the Chinese style & taste. I want to make European design baby products accessible to the American market. Now, through Yunioo.com, I sell much more than just baby baskets.”

‘I really needed his help’

Cees mainly had a lot of help from entrepreneur coach Ivar during difficult times. “Sometimes I had to find motivation or I was afraid because a lot of problems came my way. Ivar offered me perspective then. He helped me let go of things,” says Cees. “Those were the times when I needed Ivar to get my thoughts in order. I am getting better and better at letting things go now, but I really needed his help with this.”

Ivar’s method was very pragmatic. We were supposed to speak to each other every month, but in the end, we agreed to only see each other when I really had questions and problems. That worked very well for me,” says Cees. “I think it was good that I could do this with Ivar, because I have grown as a person. He inspired and motivated me. He reassured me, so I slept better and had less stress as a starting entrepreneur. Ivar is also very direct and enormously experienced, which was of great added value at certain times,” Cees explains.

‘It was great that the coaching was subsidized’

“It is also great that I was able to start the coaching program with the help of a subsidy. That removes a big obstacle for a starting entrepreneur. You have to watch every penny in the beginning. Recently, I started working with an investor,” explains Cees. “This means that I now dare to dream big that we will have set up a multimillion-dollar company together in five years. And then I also hope to be able to contribute more and more to the charity organization that I have joined.”

Cees and his company have joined ICFON. This organization sets up four-year development projects for village communities in Nepal. After four years, they can become self-sufficient. “The men from those villages work as guest workers, for example in Qatar, which means that the women are left to fend for themselves. One such project costs 80,000 euros – for four years – and can help 800 people.”

“I have personally experienced that simply having a large house and a good job doesn’t guarantee happiness,” says Cees. “Now I live in a smaller space, have more freedom, and do more charity work. In fact, I’m happier now.”

Do you want to make a bigger impact with your business without having to work more? Or make your business more attractive to investors? Then contact Brilliant Work for coaching and advice.

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