Replay webinar ‘How to grow your business internationally’.

On January 18 2022 Brilliant Work and Briskr organised the webinar ‘How to grow your business internationally’. If you want to expand your business abroad there is a number of key points that you need to consider. Lizanne Jakobs listed some common mistakes and stressed the importance of setting goals and having a good preparation […]

Launch of company values Koenders Totaalbouw and Brilliant Work

In this video our client, Koenders Totaalbouw, a Dutch building company, shows how they launched their company values together with their employees in an original and festive manner. They chose a light-hearted way to introduce a serious matter within the company. What do we expect from each another? How do we treat each other? How […]

How to start e-commerce cross border

If we look back to the retail market, it didn’t change much for decades and remained a store that was focused on the people in the city and the surrounding cities. When a competitor that was much better in the same business opened up a few cities away, it wouldn’t do much harm to their […]

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